We have made award winning theatrically released documentaries that have been screened all around the world. We make films that are un ashamedly political, looking at issues and stories in way others don’t. Alongside developing our own projects, we are looking to work with film makers from all over the world as well as here in the UK.


Still the enemy within film poster

Still the Enemy Within

The first collaboration between Sinead, Mark and Owen, Still the Enemy Within is a unique insight into one of history’s most dramatic events: the 1984-85 British Miners’ Strike. No experts. No politicians. Thirty years on, this is the raw first-hand experience of those who lived through Britain’s longest strike. Follow the highs and lows of that life-changing year. 

Critically acclaimed, with the Guardian calling it ‘as gripping as a thriller’, the film was released theatrically in the UK, screening in over 100 venues round the country. The film went on to win a prestigious Sheffield International Documentary Award and Focal Award, be Grierson nominated, screened at BAFTA, and inducted by the BFI as a film of historic importance. Also screened around the world in numerous countries, the film is still screened regularly.

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Dying to Divorce film poster

Dying to Divorce

More than one in three Turkish women have experienced domestic violence. The number of femicides is rising. Ipek, a courageous lawyer, is determined to prevent murders by putting abusive partners behind bars. Alongside activists, she fights to get justice for two survivors of horrific violence, against a backdrop of political upheaval.

Filmed over 5 years, the award-winning DYING TO DIVORCE takes viewers into the heart of Turkey's gender-based violence crisis and the recent political events that have eroded democratic freedoms. Through intimately shot stories, the film gives a unique perspective on the struggle to be an independent woman in modern Turkey and tackles the global issue of gender violence.

A collaboration between Producer Sinead Kirwan and director Chloe Fairweather made through Dying to Divorce Ltd, this film has won numerous awards and was broadcast by Arte/ Sky Documentaries/ SVT/DR/ NRK.

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Completed Collaboration

Hong Kong city on fire film poster

Hong Kong: City on Fire

This urgent film beds in with Hong Kong's pro-democracy demonstrations, offering a front line portrait of four young protesters through a year of struggle. We see their hopes for a freer life and feel their fears as the authorities crack down. Pulse-racing scenes bring the viewer to street level, where peaceful protest is met with fury and tear gas. Clear-eyed about the complications and contradictions that come with a movement that changed Hong Kong forever, it is a brave document of troubled times.

Released nationwide in Odeons in 2022 with the support of Dartmouth Films

In Development

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Rabbit is an animated documentary that tells the story of Janina Iwanska, a Polish teenager and girl guide turned resistance fighter who defied the Nazis, survived medical experiments and escaped execution, to expose the horrors of Ravensbrück, the only all-female concentration Camp.
Produced and Directed by Chloe Fairweather with Producers Sinead Kirwan and Mark Lacey, in collaboration Jack Fairweather and Storylabmedia.
Developed with the support of the BFI, Creative Scotland, and The Anidox Lab. Selected for the IDFA Forum Producers Connection

Image credit Pernille Kjaer

State of Betrayal

Donna McLean exposes an intricate web of deceit and deception in the British state going back decades. In her quest to uncover the truth about why she and other women were targeted by undercover cops, she asks fundamental questions about whether we really live in a free society.Directed by Paul Sng (Dispossession, Poly Styrene: I Am a Cliché) this feature documentary is being developed by LS Films and Causeway Pictures in association with Sinéad Kirwan from Enemy Films, with the support of Screen Scotland and NI Screen.
Hong Kong city on fire film poster


Being a parent is not easy at the best of times, but faced with a climate emergency what should your priorities be?

Working with Director Patrick Steel from Fat Toad Films and journalist and co-producer Terry Macalister on this documentary about the climate emergency and how ordinary people are facing up to it.

Currently in early development. 

Jungle Nation

The story of an enduring music scene born in the UK, that represented the coming of age for multiculturalism in Britain. Told by the people who started it, dedicated their lives to it and cultivated the culture that surrounded it. 

Working with director Will Thorne of Break ‘Em films , this documentary takes a look at one of the UKs most influential music scenes. In early development; more information is available.
Depicts Jungle night with person on microphone